Lesson on chocolate decoration and realistic cake design in the form of a Christmas candle by Ronya Belova and Andrey Dubovik

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What’s in the lesson?

Everything to the last detail: making of chocolate sponges and cream cheese frosting, cake assembly, making of a chocolate bow tie, a chocolate sphere and Christmas ornaments, tempering of cocoa butter, work with an airbrush, chocolate Christmas wreath, candle light and final decoration of the candle-cake.

How to work with the lesson? Is there any support?

After you have bought the lesson you will receive an e-mail with instructions within 24 hours. All the materials will be available. If you have any questions you will be able to ask us in the comments or via e-mail. The lesson consists of video tutorials, a step-by-step guide and an optional task.

I am a beginner. Will the lesson suit me?

Yes, it will. Before this lesson, please, have a look at our free lesson on tempering chocolate.

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You can pay with a bank card. Terms of payment and refund.


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