What’s in the course?

Content of the “Little Pastry Shop” course


Week 1Introduction

Lesson 1Essentials for a pastry-chief Demo

Week 2Cherry and cinnamon fruit jellies

Lesson 1Coagulants
Lesson 2Jelly basics. Pectin and its features
Lesson 3a► 07:03 Jelly. Video-tutorial
Lesson 3bJelly. Step-by-step guide
Lesson 4Jelly. Homework

Week 3Blackberry zephyr

Lesson 1Theory of zephyr
Lesson 2a► 14:35 Zephyr. Video-tutorial
Lesson 2bZephyr. Step-by-step guide
Lesson 3Zephyr. Homework

Week 4Strawberry marshmallows

Lesson 1Basics of gelatin
Lesson 2What are marshmallows?
Lesson 3a► 10:15 Marshmallows. Video-tutorial
Lesson 3bMarshmallows. Step-by-step guide Demo
Lesson 4Marshmallows. Homework

Week 5Caramel mousse cake “Klimt”

Lesson 1Basics of sugar
Lesson 2Liquid sugars. Syrups
Lesson 3a► 25:11 “Klimt”. Video-tutorial Demo
Lesson 3b“Klimt”. Step-by-step guide
Lesson 4“Klimt”. Homework

Week 6Chocolate mousse cake “MoMA”

Lesson 1Crème, custard or crème anglaise?
Lesson 2а► 21:24 “MoMA”. Video-tutorial
Lesson 2b“MoMA”. Step-by-step guide
Lesson 3“MoMA”. Homework

Week 7Citrus cofee cake “Rivier”

Lesson 1Flour basics
Lesson 2a► 08:59 Cofee cake “Rivier”. Video-tutorial
Lesson 2bCofee cake “Rivier”. Step-by-step guide
Lesson 3Cofee cake “Rivier”. Homework

Week 8Mousse cake “Leia”

Lesson 1Theory and kinds of short pastry
Lesson 2Theory of fats
Lesson 3a► 18:47 Cake “Leia”. Video-tutorial
Lesson 3bCake “Leia”. Step-by-step guide
Lesson 4Cake “Leia”. Homework

Week 9Mint and bramble macarons

Lesson 1Theory of French Macarons
Lesson 2Macarons fillings
Lesson 3a► 15:37 Macarons. Video-tutorial
Lesson 3bMacarons. Step-by-step guide
Lesson 4Macarons. Homework

Week 10Have you missed something?

Lesson 1Get tasks on what you’ve missed
Lesson 2Additional materials, useful links and literature


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