Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What equipment will I need? What is the lesson format? Here you will find some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find an answer here, please feel free to email us at

Is this course a good fit for me?

I typically bake simple homemade pastries, but I aspire to make more professional pastries. Will this course suit me?

Our students are mostly non-professional pastry chefs. We do not advertise our course, “Little Pastry Shop”, as a course for professional baking chefs, however, we do not over simplify the level. This course isn’t meant to teach you how to make homemade cookies, instead you will learn how to make complex, professional and beautiful desserts.

This course begins with some basic pastry making knowledge and techniques. The skills you learn will surprise your friends and family, and from this you could possibly start taking individual orders or maybe open your own pastry shop.

From this course your skills will be closer to those of professional pastry chefs. You will better understand dessert-making processes in a professional baking environment. We will replace industrial equipment with homebased equipment, such as regular ovens and freezers, but you will have an understanding of the role professional equipment has in the pastry making process.

I’m a self-learner is this course good for me?

You don’t have to be professionally trained to enroll in this course. The author of this course is self-taught so you will share a lot of things in common J

I’m a professional pastry chef working full time. Will this course suit me?

It depends on the level of your skills, knowledge and expectations. Check the course summary and images of desserts we will be making, and see if this course will help advance your pastry making skills. If you can easily replicate our desserts without instructions, recipes and teacher’s guidance, then this course is likely not a good fit for you, but don’t be upset. We have big plans for the future and we will be adding courses with different skill levels and different pastry chef teachers.

I just want to know how to make a specific dessert (for example French macarons). Can I select a specific lesson and skip the rest of them?

No, unfortunately you cannot. Unfortunately the course is designed in a way that the lessons learned each week are connected and build on one another. Students will have to sign up and purchase the whole course, but you don’t have to send all of your results to be evaluated by a teacher.

I’m a vegan/vegetarian. Is this course good for me?

Unfortunately, almost all of our recipes use animal products that cannot be substituted with vegan friendly analogs. Gelatin being one of them. Its closest analog cannot produce the same result of transformation that we require in our recipes. That’s why we advise vegan/vegetarians of this before enrolling in this course.

I don’t live in Belarus, can I enroll in this course?

Lililoveme Students on Map

Of course you can. You can take our lessons from any place in the world with Internet access. If you have access to a grocery store that sells all of the ingredients needed, then you are good to go. We accept payment from visa cards all over the world.

What is the format of the course?

After you make your payment you will have access to introduction part of course about equipment you need. From the date when course starts you will have access to all of the lessons and materials. The course is designed so that each lesson can be completed each week. So you can learn each lesson in your free time and within 10 weeks you will have completed all course modules.

What is the format of each lesson?

Each lesson includes both theoretical and practical guidance including photos, videos, and text. Text version of materials is available for download and can be used as you learn. Lessons also include access to questions and commentaries from other students. Students can add their questions to this forum and will receive prompt responses from teachers. Each lesson is completed when students submit a photo of their work for evaluation by the teacher.

What is the course schedule? What happens if I cannot complete the course in the specified time?

Lessons will be made available as soon as each course has started and your final evaluation needs to be submitted before the course ends. After the course has finished you will continue to have access to all study materials for one month.

What will happen if miss the lesson’s completion deadline?

Don’t worry, access to all lesson resources will be available for one month after the course has finished. However, if you do not submit your work within the lesson’s deadline, it will not be evaluated by the teacher.

What will I need for this course (tools, ingredients and time)?

What will I need for this course?

For this course you will need a computer, tablet or smartphone with access to the internet, a kitchen to cook in, a grocery store with ingredients used by pastry chefs and some tools/equipment. The full list of tools and equipment can be found in the introductory section of this course, but the mandatory list of equipment can be found here. We also recommend students purchase a binder to keep all of the lessons and materials organized.

What is the average cost of ingredients per lesson?

The approximate cost of ingredients for each lesson ranges from 15$ to 20$.

How much time will this course take?

Each lesson needs to be completed within a week. Students should spend at least 1–2 hours per day during the week and as much free time as possible on the weekend to complete each lesson. Your success in this course depends on your dedication and commitment, however the suggested time should be sufficient as you may be busy with other things. We do not expect you to drop everything and dedicate all of your time to this course.

What if I do not have access to the required tools/equipment?

There are some tools and equipment that you must have to complete this course. If you do not have these items in your kitchen presently, we are positive that this investment will not be regretted in the future and it will convert your kitchen into a semi-professional environment. If you are unable to purchase the required tools within a short amount of time, we can offer to transfer your course start time to the next group.

Alternately, ask your friends for a favour. Perhaps you can borrow some necessary tools or even use their kitchen.

Gifts & corporate clients

I want to buy this course as a gift for someone or a group of people, if this possible?

Yes, it is possible. While this option is not mentioned directly on the site, please contact us at

I want to buy a course for my company, is this possible?

Yes, it is possible. We have a discount for corporate clients. Please contact us at before the course starts to get a quote for a group looking to enroll.

Payment and guarantee

Can I get a refund if this course is not suited for me after it has already started?

No, unfortunately we do not refund payments after the course has already started. Please consider this before you purchase the course.


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44 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)”

  1. Hi, If ive made the payment ,will i be able to keep all the downloadable video?and it says the course started on february. My question is , Do i need to wait for february to get the learning materials or we get it directly after we have made payment .Thank you.

    1. Hi!

      When you make a payment for participation you will get the access to the Introduction part. In this lesson we will have a look at the basic equipment we are going to use during the course. So you will be able to find everything you need before course starts. Next when course starts you will get the access to all information: video-tutorials, step-by-step guides and instructions. You can’t download video-tutorials (because of our Public Offer & Privacy Policy) but you will have the access for 10 weeks during the course plus 1 month after the graduation.

      You are working with help of Andrey Dubowik (course supervisor) and you will get a printable version of course instructions in the end (but not the video). You won’t need video after graduation because you will be ready to create every element of course by your own. Feel free to ask anything else :)!

    2. hi for the twist course how many different cake recipes will be included?

    3. Hello, we’ve got 3 different types of sponge cakes: red velvet, chocolate sponge cake and and carrot sponge cake. Also it includes 3 different types of frostings. The sponge cakes and frostings mixed in different variations.

    1. Hello, yes! All our courses include everything: frosting recipes, sponge cake recipes, tempering techniques, decorating processes… Everything :)!

    1. Hello, somewhere in the late March – early April. We will update the schedule next week.

  2. What if I don’t have local access to all equipment and ingredients? Will there suggested alternatives?
    Also I am interested in the English version of the Pralinarium. Will it be out soon? The weather gets warm here by the end of April, so if I don’t manage to do it before will there be another one after summer?

    1. Hello,

      1) try to get everything you can and ask questions. Of course we will help. But it depends on what is your question about :).

      2) now we can’t say for sure when we will release Pralinarium in English. Working on it and hope it will be already available in April. But you need to think about air-condition or smth else to create 18-20 degrees working area. It really matter if you want to get amazing results.

    1. Hello! Yes, you have to bake a cake every week from 2 to 8 weeks of the course!

  3. Guys, I might not be available all the time to submit the home works,
    once I signup for the course , I get access to all videos from day 1 ?

    1. Hello, yes, you will have access to the whole course from the starting day. Also you may skip task submission. In this case you won’t receive a certificate on a course completion but everything else will be as usual ?

  4. Thanks , so for Pralinarium , if I paid today I get access from 16th of April only 🙁
    not possible to get it before ?

    1. After payment you will get access to the introduction material. In this introductory lesson Andrey will talk about the tools you will use, about colourings, chocolate, moulds and so on. You’ll be able to ask him any questions about equipment you need for the course. But yes, access for the whole course you’ll get on starting date only.

  5. Hello , I plan to join the “Pralinarium” at April 16th and i see that there’s a require about “Air compressor, oil free, with a 3 L (or more) receiver tank.”
    Although i almost can get a the requirements but if i only get a compressor which is

    Airflow:23-32 lpm (0.81-1.14cfm)at open flow
    1/6 HP AC motor
    Auto on/off :2.8/4.1Bar (40/60 psi)
    Air tank: 2.5L with gauge

    Can i join the course and pass to do the praline design by Chef Andrey ?

    1. Hello, airflow 23–32 lpm should be okay, it should be possible to work on our course with such kind of compressor. It looks like a minimal one that we need. So we’ll be glad to see you on course ✊?

  6. Hello , Dima . Payment already and Authorisation code in email means “access” ?
    I need to wait until April 16th while the course start and count in 10 weeks+1 month? And i can review the video tutorial and upload my homework anytime cause i need to work at weekdays ?
    Finally where is the introduction part of “Pralinarium” , Can i get it now ?
    Thank you very much

    1. Hello! After payment you should get an e-mail from Andrey with all the instructions you need to know. Please also check SPAM folder if there are no e-mail in your inbox.

      1) yes, you need to wait until April 16 to get full access.
      2) after April 16 you’ll be able to work and submit your results any time, any day.
      3) introduction (equipment) material is already available for you on the course page.

      And glad to see you on our course ✊?.

  7. Hi!
    I’m interested in the pralinarium course, but I will leave for vacations on june 28, there will be an other date to make this course in this year?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Andrea, can’t say for sure about the next course, probably it will be somewhere in mid/late August (depends on number of students Andrey will have at that moment).

      Also if your vacation wouldn’t be too long (ex. 2–3 weeks) it’s possible to make a break during the course (just send an e-mail about your plans to Andrey or to me). It won’t be a problem.

  8. Thank you for your response Dimabuko! Just to finalize my doubts, How is it work the supervisor support? Is it just on July 2nd? Or is it for all the 10 weeks? Thanks!

    1. Glad to help! You’ve got support by Andrey during 10-weeks of course via e-mails, comments on the website and assignment reviews. You’re working with course materials when you want and send questions when you need ?.

  9. Hello!

    I know the Superpralinarium course has already started.

    Can I still have access to the videos?
    Do students have forever access to them?
    Does the course include written instructions?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello,

      thank you for your questions.

      1) Yes, you can enroll and get access to the course.
      2) Yes, now our students are getting forever access to our courses.
      3) Yes, the course includes different materials, including video-tutorials, step-by-step guides, FAQs, written instructions. Take a look at our Tempering lesson here – the course materials are made the same way.

      Give me know if you would have any other questions.

    2. Thank you for your answers. In addition I would like to know which are the payment methods and if it’s possible to pay for the course in installments.

      Thank you in advance.

    3. Hello, you can pay for the course with credit or debit card before the course starts using VISA, MasterCard, AMEX.

    4. and unfortunately we do not have a way to pay in installments.

  10. Hi,
    I am keen to learn the art of making bonbons and work with chocolate. I have a diploma in pastry but I haven’t worked with chocolate much. I want to know what course would be suitable for me as I have very basic understanding and minimal experience of working with chocolate.

    1. Hello,

      I recommend you to check our free Tempering tutorial

      To enroll on “Chocolate” you don’t need anything.
      To enroll on the “Superpralinarium” or on the “Pralinarium” you need to temper chocolate properly and without any problems.

    2. Hello. I would like to register in the Super Course to learn Bonbon Chocolate. I paid a fee to get access to the basic tools and now I have to buy it.I have a question regarding the velvet sprinkler device, what is the proper opening for fondant on chocolate? Is 2.5 is the most appropriate? Or 0,4

    1. Hello,

      what is Fateh 1.8 and what about your question is? We do not understand.

    1. Could you add the link to the model of the device you are asking about?

  11. I am new with you and I do not know exactly. If I am asking my questions in the right place, is it possible to know who you are and what is your mission here? Thank you.

    1. My name is Dmitry and I’m coordinating the work of students and supervisors here. This section of the website is called “FAQ” so here you can ask questions about the way we work.

      About the questions during the course and communication: if you have any questions during the course you can freely ask them ??. How to ask? First of all, each lesson has its own field for questions and comments. Like here. Secondly, when you send your assignment via website there is a field for questions and comments where you can ask any “private” questions about difficulties and peculiarities you faced while making the assignment. Andrey will answer your questions per e-mail. And of course, you can always write an e-mail to your supervisor (in case of Pralinarium it’s Andrey). If you have any technical or organisational questions write to our technical support (form and contacts are available on the website).

  12. Добрий день підкажіть будь ласка чи підйде аерограф з соплом 0.4 мм для корпусних цукерок?

    1. Добрый день. Да, подойдет. Рекомендуемый нами на курсах диапазон – 0.3–0.5 мм.

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