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Lesson contents

  1. Theory of eggs: egg whites, egg yolks, whisked eggs, aged ones or everything you wanted to know about eggs!
  2. Meringue and its kinds: French, Italian, Swiss, overbeaten, underbeaten, airy, collapsed one, bird’s beak and everything you wanted to know about meringue
  3. Macarons, 1 hour video-tutorial. For practice you need about 2–3 hours for shells preparation, 15 minutes for ganache, 3–4 hours for stabilising
  4. Macarons. Step-by-step guide
  5. Macaron filling recipes: Mint Ganache, Blackberry Ganache, Pistachio Ganache, Green Tea Ganache, Raspberry Ganache, White Chocolate Ganache, Coffee Ganache, Classic Chocolate Ganache, Milk Chocolate Ganache with Passion Fruit
  6. Assignment: try to make and share the results!

What you need to make macarons

You can replace some tools or find inexpensive alternatives in comparison to professional ones. If you plan to work with confectioneries on a professional level, it will be better to use and buy professional equipment and materials from the very beginning. You will realize it sooner or later but you can save some money on buying cheap alternatives which will get out of order quickly or won’t be useful at all.

  1. Silicone and non-stick mats: you can have a couple of them for each recipe. In the course we use 2 non-stick mats like these, 2 non-stick mats like these and 1 silicone mat with glossy finish (40х30 or 60х40), example.
  2. Large (40 cm) and small (20 cm) piping bags, example.
  3. Decorating tips: round tip 5 mm and 1 cm, example.
  4. Infrared and probe thermometer, infrared example and probe example.
  5. Stand mixer or hand mixer with a whisk attachment. Stand mixer, or in other words, planetary mixer. I use a KitchenAid planetary mixer in the course. You can also check out the mixers manufactured by Kenwood and Bosch which are well-known in the market and among professional pastry chefs. If you don’t have such a mixer and you don’t know whether you will use it in future, we recommend you to invite another pair of hands to help you do the tasks. Sometimes you have to beat something and boil a syrup, for example, at the same time. In this case your helping hand will play the role of a stand mixer ?.
  6. Oven. We are currently living in a rented apartment with an old Ikea oven. I can’t set an exact temperature, but I’ve got a convection function (can be used for one of the methods for macaron baking). My point is that you can handle any oven. You just need to do your best and be patient!
  7. 3–4 silicone spatulas, big and small ones. Big spatula example and small spatula example.
  8. Brown parchment paper.
  9. Digital scales for light and heavy weights, example, example.
  10. 2 saucepans (minimum), 1–1.5 l. When you watch the video tutorials, you will understand which saucepans are missing in your kitchen. To make a small cake you will need to boil 100 g of caramel or syrups so there is no sense in using large soup pots in such cases. You will need small saucepans.
  11. Wooden skewers or toothpicks.



Italian Meringue, milk chocolate ganache, making of macarons.


Can I really make it all by myself?

Yes, you can. You only need your passion, time and a couple of tools to learn.

What happens after payment?

You will receive an e-mail with instructions right after the payment. Also you will get access to all the materials, look through the lessons, complete the tasks and ask any questions.

I am a beginner. Is the course suitable for me?

Yes, it is. But stay focused! We won’t make simple pastry, we will make macarons. Before getting down to work, we will study the basics and have a closer look at all the theoretical and practical aspects. The material is designed in such a way, so you could take it in your own kitchen.

How to pay?

You can pay with a bank card (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover) or PayPal. Terms of payment and refund.


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