Online Course of Modern Confectionery Techniques. 10 weeks of theory and practice under the supervision of Lililoveme.

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Italian Meringue, milk chocolate ganache, making of macarons.




Basics of mousse cakes, types of syrups. Basics of infused cream: strong and light infusion techniques. Theory and practice of French meringue, agar agar and gelatine. Making of basil mousse and mirror glaze. Simple Glazing, multicoloured glazing, spider web effect.




Types of sugar. Theory of starch, its types. Step-by-step guide on processes occurring during cooking. Theory, practice and making of a simple custard. Caramel glaze, caramel mousse, chocolate sponge cake without flour, making of a traditional royaltine, edible glass as decoration.




Theory of fats: butter, margarine, shortening, etc. Types and theory of shortcrust pastry. Making of a berry custard, vanilla mousse with sour cream, pistachio sponge cake, galaxy mirror glaze, black mirror glaze. Caramel crystals.




Cake frostings (theory, usage and storage). One-tiered cake assembly, cream cheese frosting coating, moist chocolate sponge cake, peanut butter frosting, caramel twists, shards.




Berry meringue, working with pectin (theory and practice), pectin-based mirror glaze, custard-cheesecake over a bain marie, cheesecake and popcorn mousse, berry royaltine, serving of plated desserts.




Chocolate and cocoa butter tempering techniques (theory and practice), craquelure effect on the mould, chocolate colouring. Apple mousse, apple compote, apple jelly and chocolate sponge cake without flour.



M. Plisetskaya

Two-tiered cake assembly, vanilla sponge cake, buttercream and coffee frosting with hazelnuts, chocolate caramel decorations, working with modeling chocolate (white and dark), craquelure technique.


Can I really make it all by myself?

Yes, you can. You only need your passion, time and a couple of tools to learn. It’s not necessary to buy all the tools from the very beginning.

What happens after payment?

You will receive an e-mail with instructions within 24 hours. From the date when course starts you will get access to all the materials, look through the lessons, complete the tasks and ask any questions. FAQs.

I am a beginner. Is the course suitable for me?

Yes, it is. But stay focused! We won’t make simple pastry, we will create complex desserts. Before getting down to work, we will study the basics and have a closer look at all the theoretical and practical aspects. The course is designed in such a way, so you could take it in your own kitchen.

How to pay?

You can pay with a bank card. Terms of payment and refund.


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